Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 4

I still feel lonely as i go to any visit alone. It is hard to bear it.

Week 3

My day in the Washington DC. Yeah, even one night but i was really happy to be there. I met up with Casey Smith, he is a lecturer at the Corcoran school. I visited his school and had a talk to two student class. I share them my working experience in Cambodia and also the situation in Cambodia related to their topic. I remember that when i was in Cambodia, i organize many events and talk too but just talk in Khmer language and i need the translator. But here i am brave to talk to the students in English. They were happy with my presence and asked me many questions.

Week 2

I remember that i don' t respect well my schedule as some days it was raining and i felt too much cold and i don' t wanna go out side. Anyways, i went out and lost the way again and then just back.

My first time t take the train and go outside NYC. I love the Dia"Beacon museum. I really appreciated the artworks with big size of all artists there. And this is my first time to see with my eyes the big and hard work. For me, i felt hard to get the point of the artists. Everything is abstract here. I have to learn about the artist and what they would us know and wanna transfer to us. In Cambodia, the contemporary art is just something new. We should learn more. I usually work with many young Cambodian artists, and their artworks are not explainable. I mean it's hard to read. Everyone has every point and thinking depend on their knowledge.

It was a sunny day. I just wanna show my feeling through this picture that i feel lonely but never give up.

Week 1

The day i arrive, i met Anna, the program Apexart's manager. She explain me about the program and also show me around my apartment. I was really happy on that day. I had a nice room in a good place as Union Square.

Before doing my work, i always look at the schedule and find the place. Many thanks to google map. It's useful for me. I can not live in NYC without it. I still have the problem as i got sometimes wrong direction in the subway station as i really don know where is uptown and downtown. So, i felt crazy and started to hate the subway. After that day, in pocket, i have the subway map.

The next day, i went to Apexart. And it take time to go there as i really don' t know well the direction. Finally, i got it and met Steven. He explain me slowly about the program. I just wonder and asked myself that why they wanna teach me to be alone like this.

After that day, i went to museum and talks. My First museum is MOCA and then i visit the ICP nand also the Silk Road at the Natural History Museum.

One day, i was surprised with the picture at Union Sq. It's APSARA. It's my cambodia nation. And i wonder why they don' t take care of this picture as my nation.

At ICP, the show is Dress Codes. I tool may hours to visit the show (photos and Installation video). I was very happy during that time and enjoyed my visit. I asked myself how they show the artwork, which situation of space they used and install the artworks. Why they choose that topic to show in this period. Why so many artists jointed in one topic? Yeah, the answer is my self. I observed step by step, and i can get the answer but it was not the best answer.

Days in NYC

What's NYC for me? I think it's like a paradise of art, culture and knowledge. Everyone dream to be here. It's true. NYC is too big and many people live in. Most of them are immigrants they they are happy to work and live here. They are so kind and helpful. It was funny to me because in my imagination, i thought that they were so selfish and fat. But not at all.

I do remember my first day here. I felt really uncomfortable and frightened as as this is my first time i NYC, lost the way and asked people the right direction. One day, i noted that not only me but others too. This is a part of art, culture and history.

Yeah, today is my last day stay in NYC with Apexart's program.

Finally, I really love the program even it make me crazy sometimes like home sick, missing Khmer food. I think these 2 words or this particular disease, "homesick", are sticked with each and everyone who are away from their family and that really stuck when one finds no way to take it away, it's really hard to find efficient medecines to cure this disease. However, i feel now more strong than before and it's mean that i can go far away from my country alone and do everything by myself. I always told myself that i am here to learn and go back with success to work with all my colleagues in Cambodia.