Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 1

The day i arrive, i met Anna, the program Apexart's manager. She explain me about the program and also show me around my apartment. I was really happy on that day. I had a nice room in a good place as Union Square.

Before doing my work, i always look at the schedule and find the place. Many thanks to google map. It's useful for me. I can not live in NYC without it. I still have the problem as i got sometimes wrong direction in the subway station as i really don know where is uptown and downtown. So, i felt crazy and started to hate the subway. After that day, in pocket, i have the subway map.

The next day, i went to Apexart. And it take time to go there as i really don' t know well the direction. Finally, i got it and met Steven. He explain me slowly about the program. I just wonder and asked myself that why they wanna teach me to be alone like this.

After that day, i went to museum and talks. My First museum is MOCA and then i visit the ICP nand also the Silk Road at the Natural History Museum.

One day, i was surprised with the picture at Union Sq. It's APSARA. It's my cambodia nation. And i wonder why they don' t take care of this picture as my nation.

At ICP, the show is Dress Codes. I tool may hours to visit the show (photos and Installation video). I was very happy during that time and enjoyed my visit. I asked myself how they show the artwork, which situation of space they used and install the artworks. Why they choose that topic to show in this period. Why so many artists jointed in one topic? Yeah, the answer is my self. I observed step by step, and i can get the answer but it was not the best answer.

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