Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 2

I remember that i don' t respect well my schedule as some days it was raining and i felt too much cold and i don' t wanna go out side. Anyways, i went out and lost the way again and then just back.

My first time t take the train and go outside NYC. I love the Dia"Beacon museum. I really appreciated the artworks with big size of all artists there. And this is my first time to see with my eyes the big and hard work. For me, i felt hard to get the point of the artists. Everything is abstract here. I have to learn about the artist and what they would us know and wanna transfer to us. In Cambodia, the contemporary art is just something new. We should learn more. I usually work with many young Cambodian artists, and their artworks are not explainable. I mean it's hard to read. Everyone has every point and thinking depend on their knowledge.

It was a sunny day. I just wanna show my feeling through this picture that i feel lonely but never give up.

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