Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Days in NYC

What's NYC for me? I think it's like a paradise of art, culture and knowledge. Everyone dream to be here. It's true. NYC is too big and many people live in. Most of them are immigrants they they are happy to work and live here. They are so kind and helpful. It was funny to me because in my imagination, i thought that they were so selfish and fat. But not at all.

I do remember my first day here. I felt really uncomfortable and frightened as as this is my first time i NYC, lost the way and asked people the right direction. One day, i noted that not only me but others too. This is a part of art, culture and history.

Yeah, today is my last day stay in NYC with Apexart's program.

Finally, I really love the program even it make me crazy sometimes like home sick, missing Khmer food. I think these 2 words or this particular disease, "homesick", are sticked with each and everyone who are away from their family and that really stuck when one finds no way to take it away, it's really hard to find efficient medecines to cure this disease. However, i feel now more strong than before and it's mean that i can go far away from my country alone and do everything by myself. I always told myself that i am here to learn and go back with success to work with all my colleagues in Cambodia.

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